Donut Day

Shipley's Donuts
At Shipley’s with Daughter and ‘Lil Grand

Welcome to my first blog post on Grummy’s Adventures! I don’t even have the heading photos yet, but I had to post something about Donut Day.

Yesterday I told my little granddaughter on the phone that I’m coming soon to see her. She got excited and said, “Donuts and chocolate milk!” It wasn’t until much later in the evening that I remembered it was Donut Day. I didn’t make it to any donut shop for a free one either. Bummer. How could I have forgotten a FREE donut?

Awhile back I went on an outing with my daughter and granddaughter to Shipley’s Donuts. I love donuts, but watching the ‘lil grand enjoy donuts was a treat for the day. It’s a good thing her mommy and daddy don’t give her one every day. She immediately became Miss Hyper Chatty.

Donut Day
Donut Happy Face

Something about a grand-girl with her donut happy face captures a grandmommy’s heart. Donut Day will have already passed when we go for our next donut outing together, but the donuts will taste just as good – and we will be hyper chatty together and smile big with our donut happy faces.