Finding a Well of Joy

Grandmothers with their granddaughters
My Two Little Grand Joys

This morning while I was making breakfast I was listening to Joel Osteen on the XM radio. He was speaking about having a well of joy, being filled with the Spirit, keeping a song in your heart, and not having a pity party. The Bible verse, Acts 13:52, says, “And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” When I looked up scriptures on the Internet about being filled with the Spirit and saw this verse, I noticed action on the left side of the page. It was an advertisement of a guy jumping around and the words, “Breakdancing Grow Your Business on YouTube  START ADVERTISING YouTube.” My first thought was the question, “What does breakdancing have to do with this scripture or anything else on this page?” The other things on the page were Bible Gateway, how to study the Bible, information about translating Bibles and recommendations by Bible Gateway, one of which was the NIV Sports Collection Bible–soft leather -look with soccer design. Ah, maybe that was it! Sports – breakdancing, an activity that brings certain people joy.

Joel also mentioned keeping your shoulders back, not slumped. It reminded me of my mother who used to remind me to hold my shoulders back, to stop slumping. Until this day, I sit up straight and put my shoulders back when I catch myself slumping.

I have a funny story about pity parties. One day while my daughter was running errands, I was watching my little two-year-old granddaughter.  We were sitting at the table eating, and she looked up at me and sweetly said, “You’re pitiful,” in a soft voice. Taken aback, I asked, “What?” Again, she said, “You’re pitiful,” smiling as she repeated the words. I was wondering what “pitiful” thing I had done but was a bit confused yet amused. I texted my daughter about the conversation. She texted back, “LOL. She is saying “beautiful”. I felt quite special then. Still, I get tickled when remembering that sweet memory with my little grand.

Find a well of joy each morning. Keep a song in your heart, whether in your mind or you’re singing aloud. Read a psalm from the Bible, think about good things like sweet times with your grandchildren, or do an activity – like breakdancing, things that fill you with a well of joy.

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  1. It’s hard to watch your parent slip away into dementia. They change so much that, at times, they no longer resemble your parent. The thing to remember is that they are not choosing to be like this, and while they may not remember day to day details of what they do with you, they will have emotional memory. They will remember that they felt good, safe, loved. I’m glad you and your grandchildren are able to spend time with your dad.

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