Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Happy Birthday to Chrissie, my daughter!

Misspelled words
Chrissie and Ivy

This past Sunday morning I was able to hear Pastor Jim Kilgore,  Life Church in Houston, teach on making a difference in people’s lives. Pastor Jim commissioned my daughter and son-in-law as missionaries in that service to the field God has called them to. Am I proud? Yes. Proud of my daughter, the miracle baby God gave my husband and me. Proud of my son-in-law that God gave to my daughter. I’m proud of the parents that they are, and I’m so in love with their beautiful baby girls (my Grand-Joys). But even more, I’m proud of the awesome Sovereign God I serve.

You know what I love about Chrissie? She loves God and loves His Word. I like to talk to people who like to talk about God’s goodness. Chrissie is one of those people. We enjoy talking about His miracles, direction, and purpose.

About those little girls God gave to Chrissie and Elvin, let me tell you a little funny. You know how babies speak certain sounds, their baby talk? I have been on a mission. One of the baby’s sounds is “Guh.” So, when she and I talk, I tell her to say, “Guh-Gr-ummy!” I told her mommy that she’s going to say, “Grummy” first. The first part of that story, though, is how the term “Grummy” came into the family. When Chrissie’s oldest daughter tried to say “Grandmommy,” it would come out “Grummy.” She had already learned what to call all the other grandparents.  Finally, I had a name – Grummy, and I’m sticking to it.

God gave me joy when He gave me Chrissie. In fact, about a year before she was born (I had prayed and prayed for a baby for years), God spoke to me one day and said, “Your joy is coming in January.”

“God, is that you?” I asked. I knew I didn’t just think those words. Sure enough, January arrived and I found out that I was going to have a baby. On the following October 6, my Joy was born.

You’ll read a lot about joy in this blog. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, and the joy of the Lord is my strength! One of my joys is reading to my granddaughters, making sure they have books to read and learn from. Often, I think of Lois and Eunice in the Bible, Timothy’s mother and grandmother. Timothy was what he was because they prayed for him. Grandparents can truly make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren.

Grandmothers with their granddaughters
My Two Little Grand Joys

You and I can make a difference wherever we go. What is your purpose? Find a place to do what God wants you to do.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes. In just a short period of time our babies grow up. How does it happen. Chrissie is a beautiful young woman with two beautiful daughters of her own. You are truly blessed.

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