Making Memories with Puzzles During Christmas Season

Holiday traditions vary from one family to another. When couples get married, they learn quickly that each brings a hodgepodge of cultural holiday practices to the marriage. They don’t always blend. It just depends on what both individuals’ preferences are. For instance, I love to play Scrabble. My husband does not. One tradition that my husband’s family and my family both have liked as a holiday tradition, however, is work on a puzzle. My family always does the puzzle at the kitchen table.

Christmas Holiday Puzzle Fun
Puzzles for the holidays

Christmas season memory making often happens when little hands touch what they weren’t supposed to touch, little feet go where they were told not to go, and little mouths said what they were instructed not to say. We laugh later, but sometimes it isn’t so funny at the time of the occurrence.

For instance, my daughter and son-in-law bought a puzzle to work on during this Christmas season. It took hours, even days, to complete. Little Ivy couldn’t resist daring to touch it. She was told over and over to leave it alone. One time she touched a corner piece and looked up at me then quickly turned and walked away from the table.

After awhile, I  passed by the table and said, “Uh-oh.” I took a picture quickly. The moment for memories was not about to slip by me. This was one of those memory-making occasions to laugh about later. Puzzle pieces were scattered all over the table. Little hands had been quite busy when no one noticed.

Christmas season puzzle messed up

I asked my daughter if she wanted to see the picture I took of what her toddler had done. She said no and that she was afraid to look.
Finally, she braved a glance at the puzzle on the table and sat down to begin putting the pieces back together. Later, I helped and actually finished completing it the second time.

It’s always a good thing to buy at least two puzzles for family gatherings – one for the adults and one for the little ones.

When your family works on puzzles, do you frame them or put them back in the box to do another time?

Have a happy holiday – and go buy a puzzle for Christmas fun.


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3 thoughts on “Making Memories with Puzzles During Christmas Season”

  1. Someone always got a “jigsaw puzzle” for Christmas at our house every year. The puzzle pieces would be spread out on a card table and the entire family would work on the puzzle, in intervals, until it was finished. It was fun. DH and I used to make puzzles until we got a certain house cat that liked to run off with the pieces.

  2. My husband and I both like puzzles. We stopped having them out when rambunctious kitties started running off with the pieces. We tried to pass the love of puzzles along to our kids and bought them a bunch of wooden puzzles good for little hands. We forgot to consider that toddlers like to dump out the pieces. It’s just as hard to sort the pieces from a bunch of 12 to 50 piece wooden puzzles into appropriate piles and reassemble them as it is to do a 500 to 1,000 piece puzzle.

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