Grandkids Say the Cutest Things

Have You Hugged Your Grandkid Today?

Grandparent, hug your grandchildren every chance you get. If you live close to them, spend as much time as you can with them.

Don’t live close? Call them. Do FaceTime with them if you both have access to an iPhone. But there are other ways to chat, so no worries if you don’t have an iPhone. Have conversations often with your grandkids. They do say the cutest things.

grandchildren and the things they say
My Oldest Little Grand with her Great-Papa

When Grandkids are Busy

I don’t live close to my grands, so I call every chance I get. Recently, I called my daughter Chrissie in hopes of having a fun chat with my little granddaughters.

Chrissie said to the oldest one, “Grummy’s on the phone . You want to talk to Grummy?”

“No, thank you,” I heard her pleasantly reply.

Chrissie laughed. I laughed. How could you not laugh? I mean, she was so very polite about it. Obviously, she has learned her manners well.

“Well, I guess I’m not on her priority list today.” I laughed. How could you not laugh? I mean, she was so very polite about it. Obviously, she has learned her manners well.

The fact was that she and her younger sister were busy coloring at the table while their dad was holding their baby brother and their mom was cooking dinner. Seriously, though, the girls were busy creating beautiful pictures in their coloring books. There was no time to take a break from all that work.

However, big sis said little sis wanted to talk to Grummy. She did. She chatted away, and I loved it. I couldn’t understand every word. She isn’t two yet, but her vocabulary is increasing quickly all the time.

The early years of our grandchildren are precious and worth every minute that we participate in. Moments spent with our grands bring joy, give us a why in our lives, motivate us to stay physically fit so that we can keep up with them, and keep us smiling with those cute things they come up with.

As our grandchildren get older, they get busier. Cherish all the moments you can with them.

Ways to Stay Close to Your Grandkids When You Don’t Live Close

  1. Have some fun by making your own video and send it to them in a text.
  2. Mail a packet of flower or herb seeds for your small grandchildren to plant in the spring.
  3. Order flowers, a candy or balloon bouquet and send it just for them.
  4. Call often.
  5. Go visit as often as possible.

Got more suggestions for grandparents who don’t live close by their grandchildren? Submit them in a comment. I’d love to read them.

Now, go hug your grandkid!

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