Becoming a Mom After Infertility

A baby miracle
Faith Quilt

Twenty-eight years ago my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby. We were ecstatic!  We waited ten years for our daughter to be born.

Years of waiting, wishing, and wondering had been difficult. The inability to have a child is devastating. One of the worst things to be faced with is being asked the question, “Don’t you want children?” You just want to cry or scream at the person asking.

In 1987, my husband and I went to Israel on a tour. We went with a group of ministers and their families. One day they formed a prayer line. A minister friend of my family approached me and said he felt impressed for me to go through the prayer line to be prayed for to have a baby. That same morning my oldest brother had a dream that I was in a room with several ladies, and we all wore maternity clothes.

In October ’87 I knelt down in the middle of my bedroom one day, held out my hands, and said, “God, I believe you’re going to give me a baby, but I just want to know when.” As soon as I got the last word out, the words came to me, “Your joy is going to come in January.”

Another time in a church service, I thought of the scripture about leaping for joy. Eyes closed, I moved out into the aisle and started leaping for joy (not joy that I presently felt but faith that I would receive that joy).

My mother called me one day and said she had gone to a craft fair and bought a little baby quilt. She called it my faith quilt.

Cristen “Chrissie” Joy was born one year after my prayer in the bedroom. Now I have two little granddaughters that I call my grand-joys. I happened to be babysitting and was holding the baby on the sofa when I noticed the “faith quilt” beside her. I grabbed my phone real quick and took a picture.  The smile she gave me makes me get choked up and teary-eyed with joy when I see that photo.

I share this testimony because I’m thankful, grateful, and so full of joy for the miracle of the little girl God blessed us with, the little girl that is now a woman of God and a loving mother. When she was born, my mother said, “You were my miracle. Now you are having your miracle.”

I wasn’t expected to live the day I was born, but people from our church stayed after service that night and prayed until the doctor called my dad and said, “She’s going to make it.” Twice within the first six months of my life, I stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. The second time I had not breathed for six minutes.

During my pregnancy, I was put on bedrest for three months. In an emergency room one night, the physician told me that even she had thought I had lost my child and was amazed that I had not.

God had a purpose for me to live. He had a purpose for my daughter to live. I’m so grateful to Him.

You may be reading this and have experienced infertility. Possibly, you didn’t have that child you wanted. Life seems unfair. Some women have many children (my grandmother had 10), some have one or two, and others never conceive. My heart grieves for the sorrow you have suffered. There is no easy answer. But there is one thing for sure. God created you, and He has a purpose for you.

Several factors can cause infertility such as:

  • Irregular or abnormal ovulation
  • Too little or too much weight
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Fallopian tube damage

There are options couples with infertility can choose from. Treatments are available. Adoption is also an option. Both can be very expensive, yet rewarding for many couples.

Incidentally, my husband and I found out in January 1988 that we were expecting. Our “Joy in January” came true!

An addition has been born into the family. Chrissie, her husband, and their little daughters have a baby brother to spoil. This Grummy is over-the-top excited about her new grandson!

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2 thoughts on “Becoming a Mom After Infertility”

  1. Your comment that adoption is expensive is not always true. If you are adamant about adopting a child as a newborn from a birth mother who looks like you and a birth father who sounds like your husband then it is definitely expensive. It is also expensive to adopt from overseas.

    In the USA, there are more than 250,000 children who enter the foster system each year. Right now, over 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted. These children range in age from under a year to teenagers. Some of these children come from less than ideal background, but each of them has value in the eyes of God. If you are infertile, consider giving your heart and home to a child waiting for a forever family from the foster care system. Adopting from your local state or county adoption agency usually costs less than $1,000 dollars, and sometimes the fees are waved.

    Your child may be waiting for you. You just haven’t met them yet.

    There’s a movie about these children called “The Road to Adoption and Foster Care” that can be found at this site.
    There’a a movie called “The Road

    1. Thanks for sharing about “The Road to Adoption and Foster Care” movie, Patti. It could make a difference for some childless couples in making a decision to adopt. I agree that adoption isn’t always expensive (“can be expensive” is stated in the post). 🙂

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