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Celebrating Daughters and Granddaughters

Today is National Daughters Day in the U. S. – or is it?  I didn’t know about it until I saw “Happy Daughters Day” posts on Facebook and texted my daughter to wish her a happy day. She didn’t realize it either until she read similar posts but did inform me of her birthday coming up soon that I can celebrate.

It seems that I’m not the only one confused about the actual national day for daughters. These are the dates I’ve seen so far on the Internet for National Daughters Day: August 11, September 27, October 1, fourth Sunday of September. If you’re curious and want to read more, check out these websites:

I discovered that there is a Daughters Day group that began in Edmonton, AB (Canada). They celebrated in August one year and different days in September of other years.

Celebrating my daughters and granddaughters is any day all year long. They bring joy to me, make me smile and laugh. Spending special times with them is so fun. Making memories together is what we like to do.

Misspelled words
Celebrating Daughters



Donuts and Dessert Comfort


My two-year-old granddaughter’s favorite food is donuts, a treat she doesn’t eat often. She is definitely like her Grummy. We both like sweets. Little Grand also likes “crackers” (pop tarts).

During my stay at Little Grand’s, she only had donuts for a treat twice.  When I visit next, she gets another one because I promised her one. That’s because at the time I was leaving, it dawned on her I was going. She cried,  “Wait! I want to hold you!” I held her, kissed her,  and suggested a donut when I come back. That little bit of information comforted her, and our teary-eyed parting was somewhat eased.

Sugary comfort foods have a knack of satisfying certain sweet cravings – like the banana pudding I made on this visit at my son-in-law’s request. I made it but instead of getting the instant vanilla pudding, I purchased the kind that requires cooking. It needed to set overnight. It was good hot, but the next day – oh, my! Delicious!

There was one more dessert I had planned to fix for Little Grand. Strawberry-banana jello. Finally, I prepared it for the evening prior to my departure. My ‘lil sweetie and her Grumpy  (Grandpa) loved it.

This wouldn’t be complete if I left out Blue Bell which had just come out in the stores again. I bought a package of the little containers of Homemade Vanilla to serve after that last evening meal. Jello and Blue Bell both for dessert – can’t beat that.

Jello Dessert
Strawberry-Banana Jello for Little Grand

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Prioritize and Organize Your Clutter

Bible Reading
Getting organized brings a peace of mind.

Two or three weekends ago I had a day full of too many projects to accomplish and constant distractions that got in the way. It started out with organizing – a good thing, really. My intention was to at least finish two of the projects and get started on another. More specifically, I had three major projects:

  1. get caught up on my writing club history scrapbooks
  2. put craft project items in one stack and get started on the project
  3. sort through documents, magazines, and books left out for current needs

I did manage to place the things I needed for the projects into three separate piles. Then the distractions began.

First, I needed to print pages to fill in the writing club scrapbooks. The printer ink ran out right off the bat. Project 1 immediately went on hold.

Second, I found all  craft project items except the huge stack of long glue sticks that I saw not too long ago. Project 2 immediately went on hold.

Third, there was an enormous amount of documents, magazines, and books I have been using for unemployment requirements, writing projects, and blogging meetups. Project 3 immediately became the first priority.

If you’re like me, you can’t even think straight with piles of paper and books covering your desk or table. Years ago I learned how to deal with this problem when I attended a Franklin planner seminar. The seminar speaker’s name was Rory Aplanalp (if you get a chance to attend his seminar, go). One thing about that meeting I recall is if your desk is covered with paper, important documents, and junk mail waiting to be filed or trashed, move all of it over to the side into one pile. If you were looking for a particular paper before, you’re bound to find it now. You’ll go through that stack until you find it – and you’ll probably discard a large amount of junk mail while you’re at it.

Prioritize Your Projects

Which priorities need to be completed by a certain date? The ones that will cause even more problems if you don’t attend to them immediately. List those as your A’s. The necessary, no-way-around-it things to do.

Next, make a B list. Things on this list are necessary, but they don’t have to get done today.

Everything else on your list goes on your C list. Those things are important to you, or you wouldn’t have written them down. However, they can wait awhile. Nobody is pressuring you to get them done.

The ABC listing style is what I learned with the Franklin planner. I paid bills, managed homeschool, wrote a book and completed many to-do lists that way.

Organize Your Clutter

Now that you have your priorities set in place, you can organize. Actually, you’ve already organized your thoughts on paper, your ABC to-do list. This helps to declutter your mind from an overwhelming list of things to do.

It’s important to also organize your clutter like I did with my scrapbook and craft projects. Moving Project 1 and 2 out of sight was the next step for me. Otherwise, just seeing them would distract me and make me feel pressure to hurry and get to them. My writing club scrapbooks go in a cubbyhole in my desk area. Now that I have printer ink, I’ll add the scrapbook updating to my Priority A list soon.

Decorate your desk or work area in an attractive way with your favorite colors, baskets, or upcycled containers. Make it fun. That way, you won’t dread the projects waiting for your attention.

One last thing, go through clutter one box at a time, 30 minutes at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time. In other words, don’t overwhelm yourself with impossibilities. As you continue to prioritize and organize, you can finally feel a sense of accomplishment.


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Life’s Daily Joys

Family Making History
Joy of Family

Daily challenges can wipe out our energy and make us feel overwhelmed. Life does that to us. So does technology – or the lack of it.

Let me give you an example of how the lack of technology is maddening. The company I have cell phone service through upgraded to LTE from 4G. Not such a terrible thing except that now my wifi won’t work with the new LTE. The good thing is that my wifi device is being replaced, free of charge (other than the $7-plus shipping). The bad thing is not being able to do my online blogging. Since the device will take a week for mail delivery, I now blog by finger typing on my cell phone vs keyboard typing.

Despite the finger-typing experiment, daily joys are helping me along this week. For instance, I came across the photo at top of my dad and daughter. The picture was taken a few years back. He is 90 and aging. I’m grateful that he knows me when we talk and that we have conversations on the phone. Forgetfulness gets in the way, stories get mixed up, but it gives me joy to get to talk to him and see him.

Talking to my daughter gives me joy. Miles apart don’t stop us from phone conversations about Bible verses, funny things, and my grand-girls. Yesterday we did FaceTime so I could see my new ‘lil grand. I loved it! When we were ending the conversation, I wanted to say ‘bye to ‘lil’s big sis who was taking her time. I told my daughter to tell her Grummy had to go. I heard her in the background, “Wait. Wait.” She came to the phone, looked at me, and said, “Grummy, do NOT go!” Joy, joy, joy made my day.



A Grandmommy’s Thoughts About Sincere Faith

Bible Reading
Bible Scriptures Thoughts

“When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.” (2 Timothy 1:5, KJV)

This post was started on Sunday, the day I like to talk about what I’ve been reading from the Bible. It’s also the day I love to use the vase photo.

The vase is special to me because it belonged to my mother. She passed from this life in 2008. I think of her all the time, her faith in God, and gifts God had given her. Like the time I called her and she said, “I was sitting here by the phone, waiting for you to call. I’ve been praying for you, and God said it’s going to be OK.” Like the time she calmly put me at ease when I (at sixteen) ran, panicking, into the house after I had pulled the car into the garage, scraping the right side as I did. Like the time she begged me to go with her to my grandmother’s in East Texas instead of riding with my dad and brother in the pickup, towing a car to Center (the pickup and car were totaled that day – and God spared our lives).

God had shown my mother something was going to happen that day of the accident. If it had not been for my brother feeling impressed to hold tight to my leg that day, I would not have lived. Yes, the vase is special. It reminds me of Mother’s faith.

Today I noticed things that I had never noticed when reading I Chronicles Ch. 4. I wondered how did I miss these things in the past. The prayer of Jabez is familiar to many of us, but today I saw it like never ever before. First, the chapter starts out with Ashhur, his two wives and descendants. Then all of a sudden, there’s Jabez who cried to God, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request. WOW! God granted his request!

I needed to read that today. I had spent the morning searching for an important paper that I had to have today. I couldn’t find it anywhere!! For years when I haven’t been able to find something that I need desperately or right away, I’ve asked God to show me where it is. Every time, he has shown me or told me where to look. I had prayed, looked, prayed this morning….and finally was so overwhelmed that I stopped looking, stopped asking and got the One Year Bible out and started reading I Chronicles Ch. 4. Forgetting about the document, I kept reading and noticed particularly these things:

1) the short names that are actually easy to pronounce 

2) Ziph and Ziphah – this made me laugh because I thought why would you name two of your kids almost the same name. Then I said them aloud: “Ziph” “Ziph – ah”. They surely couldn’t have nicknamed Ziphah, or the two would have come running.

3) There were craftsmen, potters, linen workers, leaders.

4) Verse 22: “These records are from ancient times.” – and we think of I Chronicles 4 as ancient times.

5) The leaders’ families increased greatly. They found rich, good pasture, and the land was spacious, peaceful and quiet.

Jabez had faith in God, the God of the universe, the God who controls the universe. There is a verse I like in the Bible that says, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive (Matthew 21:22, KJV). Jabez believed and received.

When I read the prayer of Jabez today, I thought about how I want God to bless me and enlarge my territory. What is your territory that you want God to enlarge? You may not know how to enlarge it, but God is bigger than this universe, bigger than your thoughts, bigger than your money, bigger than your credit bigger than your insufficiencies.

Timothy had sincere faith, but his Grandmother Lois first had it, then his mother Eunice. What can a grandmommy like me do to pass down her faith to her grandchildren? Let them see you practice it. Tell all the stories you can remember when you prayed and the prayer was answered. Tell your parents’ and grandparents’ stories of their prayers that were answered. Pray with your grandchildren about their prayers, believing with them. Always share praise reports like Jabez did.

Want to know the rest of the story about the document? After I read in I Chronicles, I walked into the living/dining room and without even thinking, I picked up a stack of magazines on the corner of a table. Between the magazines, hidden, was a folder with the important paper I had been looking for.

I Chronicles 4 brought new meaning to me today.

Ask God to bless you and enlarge your territory. There’s a catch, though. Believe it, ask it in Jesus’ name.


PS. This evening I did Face Time with my daughter, son-in-law, and my two sweet granddaughters.  “GRUMMY!” the oldest said. 


“Be right back…be right back, K?”


Coming into my view again, pulling something red with her, she held up Clifford so I could see. I told Clifford to give her a hug and sugars. He did. 

Grammar Nazi Fun

Misspelled words

When my new granddaughter was only a day old, her mommy was feeling spunky all of a sudden. My hubby and I were eating at Fatburger when my phone’s ringtone assigned to my daughter’s calls got my attention. Then she really got my attention.

“You know how you’re the Grammar Nazi?”

“I am?”

“I found a mistake you made!!”

“I did? What?”

She pointed out that it was in my Grummy’s Adventures blog in the post called “Sunday Thoughts” in the second bullet.

This is the sentence:

Incorrect: “Take a peak at the garden.” (Yep, I did it. I confess.)

Correct: “Take a peek at the garden.”

You’d think I had been to Pike’s PEAK garden or something and had my mind on the peak and not on peeking at the garden. Now that would be a challenge – growing a garden on Pikes Peak. The funny thing is that I knew when I wrote that blog post that something wasn’t right with the word “peak” but forgot about it and posted anyway. I remember another time way back when that there was one word that wasn’t right, and it caused me to lose in a spelling bee. Restaurant. It frustrates me when I misspell a word. I have this thing about misspelled words. That’s why my observant daughter was having fun with my usage of “peak”.

You know what else is funny? I use for correcting my writing. While writing this post, a little red warning appeared by Grammarly that I should make two corrections. One was Grummy should be Grammy. This time Grammarly was wrong. My granddaughter is smart enough to know that. After all, she’s the one who named me Grummy. The other “incorrect” word pointed out to me was “peak”!!

It frustrates me when I misspell a word. I have this thing about misspelled words. That’s why my observant daughter was having fun with my usage of “peak”. My husband teases me about my obsession with noticing misspelled words. It’s true. I’ll be reading a magazine or book, and misspelled words seem to jump out at me. I can’t help it. I’m not looking for misspelled words. They just grab my attention quickly. However, everybody makes mistakes. Anybody who is the best in their genre can still make a mistake. That’s why every author should pay for top-notch editing. It’s good to have multiple editors.

Anybody who is the best in their genre can still make a mistake. That’s why every author should pay for top-notch editing. It’s good to have multiple editors. Where one person might not catch an error, another one will.

Speaking of editing, it’s time for me to sign off. I have an appointment with my editor, Jenny. My proof copy of Phantom Seven’s second edition has some errors. Phantom Seven is the first book published through JoyLife Press, my very own publishing company. Jenny and I are correcting those today so that the printing company can send out error-free books. Keep that in mind when you decide you want to publish a book. I have a group of editors who are the best – they are members of a writing club and critique groups.

Happy Spelling!


Oh Happy Day for Grummy

Grummy’s New Granddaughter

When is the last time you felt like singing “Oh Happy Day” after worrisome news turned out good? Today is a happy day for this Grummy. I’m now Grummy to two little granddaughters. The new darling baby girl was born at 2:50 pm. on 6-15-15. Just wait until her big sis meets “her” baby. Yes, big sis has already declared that the baby is not Mommy’s baby. She said, “My baby!”

Baby’s mommy, my baby (she’ll always be) went to the hospital the other night, not in labor but with a blood clot. I’ve fought off the worries with prayers and requests for prayer. Determined I would trust God, who reassured me in my talks with Him, I continued in prayer and thanked Him for taking care of my daughter and her newborn.

Blood clots, a change of diet, limited vitamin K – I’ve become familiar with those terms. My husband and mother had blood clots. DVT, deep vein thrombosis, wasn’t what I was expecting to hear about from my daughter who was in her 39th week of pregnancy.

The good news is that mommy and baby are okay and that I will soon get to do what this grummy does best – go help out, cook for their family, read books to “big sis” and spoil all of them.


Sunday Thoughts

Bible Reading
Bible Scripture Thoughts

Days go by better when begun by meditation from the Holy Bible. It’s so easy to get distracted by the least thing after getting up in the mornings. When I woke up this morning, I read some in my Blogging for Dummies book. Then I went on a typical morning tour, something like this agenda:

  • Feed the cats.
  • Take a peek at the garden. Watered yesterday evening, so no watering is necessary for now.
  • Where are the 4 kittens? Go find them. Oh! They found a new hiding place – inside the back hole of the other washing machine (that only needs a part to work just fine) on the Back 40 .
  • Fixing cereal because I don’t want to cook this morning, I head for the computer to blog. Oh, yes! There’s the vertigo exercise paper on the table. I need to do that. Ignoring the paper, I walk on, saying to myself, “Distractions!”
  • Sitting down to eat my cereal while getting online, I check my email.
  • Thank you, Jesus! Amen, amen, AMEN! (I truly meant this.) This is a comment my little 2-1/2 year-old that calls me Grummy (her version for Grandmommy) said when she received a gift from her mommy. So, now my husband and I are always repeating the phrase when God does something awesome or we’re excited about a particular turn of events. This morning’s event was that I opened my email to see a message from the website I publish articles on. One of the articles hit a couple of snags and was rejected twice. The email message congratulated me on its approval. YES!
  • Finally, I logged on to this new blog I’ve begun, Grummy’s Adventures, at the encouragement of my daughter, Chrissie. Since today is Sunday, I want to devote a blog post sharing a couple of Bible verses that have been coming to my attention the last couple of days.

This morning’s agenda shared above is how I get distracted every day. I have good intentions of doing EVERYTHING I need to do every day. Then I get interrupted. You know how that goes. It might take five minutes or an hour, but it delays your plan and puts you behind schedule. Incidentally, delays are not always a bad thing. There have been numerous stories told about people being saved from disaster by being delayed for some reason. So the next time you are frustrated because of delays, just take a moment to say, “Thank you, Jesus.” Don’t fret over it.

Okay, the moment for those verses has arrived. I made it through the distractions. Two nights ago, I picked up my Bible and turned the pages, wondering where I should read when I came across a piece of paper. A long time ago I was praying one day, and I wrote down words that flashed through my mind out of nowhere. In my experiences through the years, when words suddenly appear across my mind like that, it’s God talking to me. I’ll share some of those experiences in later blog posts. They’re incredible. They are reminders of how God knows me, hears me when I pray, knows exactly what I need.

The page from two nights ago includes these words: You’ve still got joy. As long as you’ve got God, you’ve got joy. Everything’s going to be OK. Habakkuk 3:18-19.

I turned to Habakkuk 3:18-19. Guess what it says.
“(18)Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.(19)The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments.” (KJV)

Do you know what a hind animal is? It’s a red female deer at least three years of age or older. This deer is known to live in the mountains and moves swiftly. Rocks and rough terrain don’t deter the swift-moving hind.

Just before I started writing this post, on the Christian radio station I’m listening to, the host quoted a verse from the New Testament, Philippians 4:4: “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”

It was like the radio host knew I had struggled yesterday to blog about what God has been nudging me about, rejoicing in him at all times. He mentioned that when Paul wrote that verse, he was in prison.

Whatever in life makes you feel like you’re in a prison, you’re hell on earth, I hope you will let these words written by Paul encourage you.

You see, I have had vertigo since March. At times, I feel like the room is turning fast around me in circles. I’ve had to use a cane a lot because when the vertigo episodes happen, I cannot walk straight. I have to hold on to something so I don’t fall down. I didn’t drive for about two months. Now the triggers that cause my vertigo still happen, but they trigger bad headaches, milder dizzy spells not as bad as the episodes, irritability, etc. Triggers like loud, high-pitched sounds, voices and music can set off the annoying effects.

This vertigo journey has presented things out of my control that can easily frustrate me. Friday I had one of those out-of-control situations due to my vertigo journey. Just the night before was when I read those verses in Habakkuk. I prayed yesterday and told God that I don’t want to, I cannot, worry. My friends, Doris and Karen, both prayed for me.

Throughout this journey, I have turned the situation over to God. I knew from the beginning that he knew why it was happening, and I have trusted him – still do.

One last thing before I say, “Good Day,” I want to take this moment to give honor to my parents, Rev. B. H. McCoy, now 90 years old, and my precious mother, Myrl, who left this life in 2008. Today is their anniversary, June 7. They were married in 1943. One month later, Daddy went off to war. Thanks to them and their love and dedication to God, I still trust God and love him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

Good Day!

Donut Day

Shipley's Donuts
At Shipley’s with Daughter and ‘Lil Grand

Welcome to my first blog post on Grummy’s Adventures! I don’t even have the heading photos yet, but I had to post something about Donut Day.

Yesterday I told my little granddaughter on the phone that I’m coming soon to see her. She got excited and said, “Donuts and chocolate milk!” It wasn’t until much later in the evening that I remembered it was Donut Day. I didn’t make it to any donut shop for a free one either. Bummer. How could I have forgotten a FREE donut?

Awhile back I went on an outing with my daughter and granddaughter to Shipley’s Donuts. I love donuts, but watching the ‘lil grand enjoy donuts was a treat for the day. It’s a good thing her mommy and daddy don’t give her one every day. She immediately became Miss Hyper Chatty.

Donut Day
Donut Happy Face

Something about a grand-girl with her donut happy face captures a grandmommy’s heart. Donut Day will have already passed when we go for our next donut outing together, but the donuts will taste just as good – and we will be hyper chatty together and smile big with our donut happy faces.