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Life’s Daily Joys

Family Making History
Joy of Family

Daily challenges can wipe out our energy and make us feel overwhelmed. Life does that to us. So does technology – or the lack of it.

Let me give you an example of how the lack of technology is maddening. The company I have cell phone service through upgraded to LTE from 4G. Not such a terrible thing except that now my wifi won’t work with the new LTE. The good thing is that my wifi device is being replaced, free of charge (other than the $7-plus shipping). The bad thing is not being able to do my online blogging. Since the device will take a week for mail delivery, I now blog by finger typing on my cell phone vs keyboard typing.

Despite the finger-typing experiment, daily joys are helping me along this week. For instance, I came across the photo at top of my dad and daughter. The picture was taken a few years back. He is 90 and aging. I’m grateful that he knows me when we talk and that we have conversations on the phone. Forgetfulness gets in the way, stories get mixed up, but it gives me joy to get to talk to him and see him.

Talking to my daughter gives me joy. Miles apart don’t stop us from phone conversations about Bible verses, funny things, and my grand-girls.¬†Yesterday we did FaceTime so I could see my new ‘lil grand. I loved it! When we were ending the conversation, I wanted to say ‘bye to ‘lil’s big sis who was taking her time. I told my daughter to tell her Grummy had to go. I heard her in the background, “Wait. Wait.” She came to the phone, looked at me, and said, “Grummy, do NOT go!” Joy, joy, joy made my day.



Oh Happy Day for Grummy

Grummy’s New Granddaughter

When is the last time you felt like singing “Oh Happy Day” after worrisome news turned out good? Today is a happy day for this Grummy. I’m now Grummy to two little granddaughters. The new darling baby girl was born at 2:50 pm. on 6-15-15. Just wait until her big sis meets “her” baby. Yes, big sis has already declared that the baby is not Mommy’s baby. She said, “My baby!”

Baby’s mommy, my baby (she’ll always be) went to the hospital the other night, not in labor but with a blood clot. I’ve fought off the worries with prayers and requests for prayer. Determined I would trust God, who reassured me in my talks with Him, I continued in prayer and thanked Him for taking care of my daughter and her newborn.

Blood clots, a change of diet, limited vitamin K – I’ve become familiar with those terms. My husband and mother had blood clots. DVT, deep vein thrombosis,¬†wasn’t what I was expecting to hear about from my daughter who was in her 39th week of pregnancy.

The good news is that mommy and baby are okay and that I will soon get to do what this grummy does best – go help out, cook for their family, read books to “big sis” and spoil all of them.