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Making Memories on Memorial Day

families at the beach
Beach Day

Memorial Day has come and gone, all the grilled meat is eaten or put in the fridge as leftovers, and everyone is back to work. The holiday weekend is unofficially the beginning of summer for many, and the kiddos are ready to be out of school for summer break.

The fun thing for me about the Memorial Day holiday weekend was getting to see my daughter and her family – and, of course, loving every minute of enjoying my two little granddaughters. Leaving them the afternoon of the holiday was the hardest thing.

What do you do to help with the difficulty of saying goodbye when you have to leave your family and your grandchildren? My sister-in-law gave me the sweetest idea. When her daughter lived in Holland, she would go out and purchase special gifts for each grandchild. They couldn’t open them ’til after she left. I loved this and decided to try it, too. It worked so well that I told my daughter, “They’ll be excited for me to leave every time I come now because they know I’m going to give them a gift.”

Last time I came for a visit I got two gifts, one for Little Bit and one for Big Sis. Big Sis loves pink, but I put her things in a red gift bag and Little Bit’s in a pink gift bag. My daughter told me later that Big Sis was upset because she wanted the pink bag. They said go ahead and open it (because they knew she wouldn’t want the baby’s things in the pink bag). She opened it and saw all the baby things. She quickly decided that she wanted the red gift bag after all. The Memorial Day visit worked out differently than the last visit. I

The Memorial Day visit worked out differently than the last visit. Friends with two little girls the same ages as my granddaughters came over for the day. The girls had their swimsuits on, ready to play in the water. After lunch, everyone went to the beach – except Grummy and Grumpy. We had to go. Grummy was the one who had the tears this time. No gift could change the heaviness in my heart with having to leave the grands. But I didn’t need to leave them a gift this time. They had a wonderful gift of going to the beach and playing with their little friends in the water.

Family and friends make life wonderful and fun. We have so much to be grateful for on this Memorial Day week. Because of all who lost their lives in war so we can have our freedom, we are free to enjoy Memorial Day as a holiday, grill, eat sweet watermelon, and laugh and have fun with our loved ones.

Live life with thankfulness. Laugh a lot. Love your children and grandchildren. Pray together. Play together. Have fun. Enjoy living.