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Donuts and Dessert Comfort


My two-year-old granddaughter’s favorite food is donuts, a treat she doesn’t eat often. She is definitely like her Grummy. We both like sweets. Little Grand also likes “crackers” (pop tarts).

During my stay at Little Grand’s, she only had donuts for a treat twice.  When I visit next, she gets another one because I promised her one. That’s because at the time I was leaving, it dawned on her I was going. She cried,  “Wait! I want to hold you!” I held her, kissed her,  and suggested a donut when I come back. That little bit of information comforted her, and our teary-eyed parting was somewhat eased.

Sugary comfort foods have a knack of satisfying certain sweet cravings – like the banana pudding I made on this visit at my son-in-law’s request. I made it but instead of getting the instant vanilla pudding, I purchased the kind that requires cooking. It needed to set overnight. It was good hot, but the next day – oh, my! Delicious!

There was one more dessert I had planned to fix for Little Grand. Strawberry-banana jello. Finally, I prepared it for the evening prior to my departure. My ‘lil sweetie and her Grumpy  (Grandpa) loved it.

This wouldn’t be complete if I left out Blue Bell which had just come out in the stores again. I bought a package of the little containers of Homemade Vanilla to serve after that last evening meal. Jello and Blue Bell both for dessert – can’t beat that.

Jello Dessert
Strawberry-Banana Jello for Little Grand

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