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Celebrating Daughters and Granddaughters

Today is National Daughters Day in the U. S. – or is it?  I didn’t know about it until I saw “Happy Daughters Day” posts on Facebook and texted my daughter to wish her a happy day. She didn’t realize it either until she read similar posts but did inform me of her birthday coming up soon that I can celebrate.

It seems that I’m not the only one confused about the actual national day for daughters. These are the dates I’ve seen so far on the Internet for National Daughters Day: August 11, September 27, October 1, fourth Sunday of September. If you’re curious and want to read more, check out these websites:

I discovered that there is a Daughters Day group that began in Edmonton, AB (Canada). They celebrated in August one year and different days in September of other years.

Celebrating my daughters and granddaughters is any day all year long. They bring joy to me, make me smile and laugh. Spending special times with them is so fun. Making memories together is what we like to do.

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Celebrating Daughters